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Acoustic Ceilings UK

Innovate doesn’t believe in using Glass-Reinforced Gypsum unless it is truly the only option available. We offer a wider range of possibilities, thanks to our preference of working off-site at our own base of operations, which has space and tools for us to be the best acoustic ceiling manufacturer UK.

Soundproofing ceilings

There is something utterly wonderful about acoustic ceiling soundproofing ceilings. For a truly soundproof area of your home, you can’t get away with only soundproofing the walls. Soundproofing ceilings stops noise from travelling to the space above the room, instead impacting that sound within the room that you’ve soundproofed.

In a room where you’re recording, teaching, or using a microphone for any reason at all, having an acoustic ceiling can be a huge benefit. But they aren’t just for rooms that would benefit from soundproofing; an acoustic panel ceiling is extremely versatile.

Why install an acoustic ceiling

There are plenty of benefits that make installing an acoustic plasterboard ceiling worthwhile. First and foremost, they are sound-absorbing, which makes them perfect ceiling solutions for a range of establishments. Schools use them, as do businesses, and homeowners have caught on to their benefits, too.

They can be an easy fix to a room that doesn’t look pleasing to the eye. There’s a wide range of options that can be quite aesthetically pleasing when installed correctly. This type of ceiling, with its acoustic tiling, can be very appealing.

Also allowing more light into a room. This is because the design of an acoustic plasterboard ceiling, with its acoustic tiling, will reflect any light that does enter the room. Among other benefits, this could potentially assist you with your utility costs.

They’re easily cleaned, too. The panels might look delicate, but their flexibility and strength makes them impact resistant. You can remove your acoustic plasterboard ceiling tiles in minutes, clean them, and replace them with little to no effort.

The standard colour for acoustic panel tiles is white, but there are so many designs and patterns that even choosing a white tone won’t make your room suddenly look boring. Depending on the materials used, you may very well be able to paint them, anyway!

What is an acoustic ceiling

There are several versions on the on the market. To install any acoustic tiling, a room must first have a grid of metal hung from its actual ceiling by way of wire loops. Once this is in place, it’s all too easy to install other features – such as lighting options.

There are two standard versions of an acoustic ceiling: A suspended ceiling and a glued ceiling. Suspended ceilings consist of tiles that have been dripped from a metal grid, as we described above, while glued ceilings are tiles that are fixed right onto the true ceiling of the room.

When installing a suspended ceiling, it’s possible to include sound baffles into the design. These are ideal for busier rooms with limited space, particularly where noise is an issue. Acoustic panels baffles add more soundproofing to the room and can be easily hidden by a suspended acoustic ceiling.

The Advantages

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