Bespoke solutions

 Your Concepts Made Reality

We create bespoke solutions using pre-shaped 3D plasterboard elements, that bring your ideas to life.

At Innovate at SA we specialise in the off-site manufacture of complex drywall bespoke solutions, constructed using a combination of Smart Cut folded plasterboard, plywood sub-constructions and our patented Seamless Abutment.

Creating complex shapes & details traditionally, using plasterboard and metal framing is not only difficult to produce onsite, but make it even harder to produce an acceptable finish.

In order to overcome this, many will turn to GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) molds which can have long lead times, are expensive and produce unnecessary waste.

At Innovate at SA, our bespoke solutions offer wider possibilities, allowing the off-site creation of intricate and complex details, that are inexpensive and simple to install.

Our unique solutions offer visual style with a clean aesthetic

From design to delivery, our innovative solutions follow set journey, ensuring all products meet the highest quality, guaranteeing clients the best possible service.

The Journey

It starts with the specification or architectural intent

Drawings are then converted using the latest software into 3D models

The models are passed to the client for approval

Once approved a laser profile is created and sent to site allowing checks for any inaccuracies with the structure or installed MF metal work

Following approval, a prototype “mock up” is created & sent to the client as a control

Once we receive final approval production begins

We can create any number of solutions, from blind boxes to lighting coves, ceiling coffers to complex curved details.

Our unique solutions offer visual style with a clean aesthetic, that are easy to install & most importantly are money saving, in comparison to traditional onsite methods.

Our Smart Cut folded plasterboard elements, are manufactured in our own factory in Bishop’s Stortford, using the latest CNC cutting technology. This allows us to create accurate pre-assembled build solutions, that are superior to those constructed on site.

The Advantages

Free Concept Consultation

Free Design, 3D Model & Mock Up Service

Free Laser Cut Test Templates

High Quality Construction

Superior Finish

Reduces Waste

Simple Installation

Time & Money Saving

We pride ourselves on being able to create cost effective solutions to overcome the numerous obstacles on site - we do this by building prefabricated solutions at our facility in Bishops Stortford, using a variety of materials such as our patented Seamless Abutment profiles, folded plasterboard and birch ply sub constructions.
These prefabricated solutions are easy to install, cost effective and produce a flawless finish every time.