Deflection Strips

Deflection Strips Cutting Service

Delivery or self-collection available.

Cut & Ship Deflection Strips

Installing plasterboard dry lining deflection strips, is a labour-intensive task, with the repetitive cutting of defection strips which produces dust and waste.

Modern plasterboard is not in itself classified as a hazardous substance. Nevertheless, the dust of any kind can be damaging to health and working to cut plasterboard to make deflection strips can generate quantities of dust that could lead to health problems if not handled correctly.

Many construction sites now require extraction to reduce the amount of dust in the workplace, mobile extraction can be bulky & expensive and isn’t practical in many situations.

Our Cut & Ship defection strips service eliminates the need to cut strips on-site, saving time, money and reducing dust & waste.

Defection strips are cut to the required size and sent directly to site, allowing for faster, cleaner wall construction. Strips can also be supplied attached to the wall frame head channel to save even more time.

Simply send us the board and the size required and we Cut & Ship to site.

The Advantages

Faster Installation

Reduced Waste

Less Dust

More Money In Your Pocket

We Also Cut Coreboard, Fireline & Firecase Plasterboard & Plywood.

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Delivery or self-collection available. Contact us to find out how we can help your project.