Folded plasterboard

Smart Cut Plasterboard

Traditionally, creating angles or curves for walls or ceilings using plasterboard, is a complicated, costly & time-consuming process.

However, our bespoke Smart Cut plasterboard solutions make the process cheaper, quicker and far simpler.

Dry lining with our shaped plasterboard is quick and easy, our solutions can be delivered flat packed or pre-assembled, ready to be installed on site, saving money, time and reducing waste.

Our pre-formed angles reduce the need to cut and fix pieces of plasterboard to a frame work, reducing jointing, eliminating the need to use beading and producing accurate, straight edges every time without gather.

Our skilled team of designers and fabricators, can produce a wide variety of custom shapes, mixing both curves and angles to produce the ideal interior finish.

The Smart Cut plasterboard range is available both flat packed for gluing onsite or preformed.

In addition custom plywood sub constructions can be applied for more complex details.


Cove Lighting

Ceiling Coffers

Window & Door Reveals

Light Troughs

Corners & End Caps

Bespoke Interior Details


Faster Installation

Reduces Waste & Dust

Less Material

Flawless Finish

Money Saving

High Reduction Of On Site Remedials