Innovation centre

Get Hands On
With Innovation

We designed the Innovation Centre, to give our clients the chance to get hands-on with our innovative products and solutions.

We ask visitors to come along with any interior construction issues or challenges and allow us to offer up some unique solutions, that not only solve the problem but do so in a simple and cost-effective way.

“It’s difficult for people to appreciate and understand a concept that challenges the norm, that is until you can physically see it, not just as a drawing or computerised model but as a physical, tangible object. The Innovation Centre was created with this in mind, so our clients and visitors can physically see the difference our innovative solutions make, compared to traditional construction methods and work arounds”. – Tony Baccarini Technical Director.

Visitors benefit from a free consultation and design session, as well as free 3D modelling, laser template and mock up design.

Inside Innovation

The interior of the Innovation Centre is constructed using our innovative solutions, giving visitors the opportunity to see our products and solutions in a working environment.

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