Ceilings & Lighting

Ceiling Coffer and Lighting Details

Creating a coffered ceiling or lighting cove detail onsite, can be a difficult and costly task.

Traditionally, these are created using a variety of materials including plasterboard and metal framing, which can be difficult to manipulate and even harder to produce an acceptable finish.

To try and overcome this, GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) molds are used, which can have long lead times, are expensive and produces unnecessary waste.

At Innovate @ SA our solutions offer wider possibilities, allowing the off-site creation of intricate and complex details, that are inexpensive and simple to install.

Using a combination of our Smart Cut plasterboard & plywood sub-construction, we build the details off-site, at our design and fabrication centre in Bishop’s Stortford.

The products are quality inspected, carefully packed and sent to site for installation.

Our unique palletisation process, which can be as complex as the solutions themselves, is designed to make the delivery, movement and storage of our products as simple as possible.

The pallets, once used are collected to be reused or recycled for future deliveries.

The Advantages

Bespoke & Unique Solutions

Free Concept Consultation

FreeDesign, 3D Model& Mock Up Service

Cost Effective

Reduces Waste

Simple Installation

Time Saving

High Quality Finish

High Reduction Of On Site Remedials

Our bespoke ceiling coffer and lighting solutions not only help you to create stunning interiors but allow for a flawless finish every time.