Plasterboard Cutting Service

Plasterboard Cutting Service


Plasterboard isn’t a hazardous substance by itself. However, when plasterboard is cut, the dust can be damaging to the individual’s health. This is because tiny dust particles can be accidentally inhaled and cause all sorts of health issues if that dust manages to get into the person’s lungs, this is where our plasterboard cutting service is here as an innovative solution.

Thankfully, that’s why professionals that work with plasterboard know to wear the correct PPE. This personal protective equipment includes masks, gloves, and goggles. Any hired worker will also likely come wearing overalls to protect the rest of their skin.

Installing plasterboard dry lining deflection details is a labour-intensive task, and the repetitive cutting does produce dust and waste. That is why it’s crucial to have workers that understand how to handle plasterboard and the subsequent waste efficiently.

In workplaces, construction sites now require extraction to reduce the amount of dust in the workplace, mobile extraction can be bulky & expensive and isn’t practical in many situations.

Our services

Our Cut and Ship Strips plasterboard Cutting service eliminates the need to cut plasterboard strips on-site. Whatever size of plasterboard you need, we’ll cut the board into the required size of strips and send them directly to the location that you need them at.

This allows for faster and cleaner construction and eliminates the risk that comes with on-site sizing and cutting. No Stanley knives, no power cutting tools, just a quick delivery of the plasterboard strips that you need.

Let us help you save time, money, and manpower!

In addition, we may be able to cut other kinds of board for you with our plasterboard cutting service. In the past, these have included plywood, coreboard, and firecase plasterboard (also fire resistant, insulating boards and tapered edged ). For whatever your board cutting needs are, just drop us a line on our contact us page or give us a call.

Other options

The strips that we supply for you can be attached to wall frame head channels before we ship them over to you. This will save you even more effort during your construction process if you didn’t have the space, tools, or time to attach them yourself.

How it works

The first thing you’ll need to do in this plasterboard cutting service process is to send us the plasterboard you need cut. Alongside the board(s), let us know what size strips you require the board to be cut into.

Once your plasterboard strips are cut and ready to be sent out, we’ll send them directly to the site of your choosing.

Plasterboard Cutting Service

We can cut any type of plasterboard accurately, to any size required. All we need from you is the board you need cutting, and the dimensions you need it cut to. Remember that we can also attach your strips to wall frame head channels if you need us to.

Though many of our clients prefer their plasterboard strips to be sent to their construction site, we’re also more than happy to cater to clients that want to collect their boards themselves.

Whatever your plasterboard cutting needs, you only need to contact us to find out how we can help you with your newest construction project.

The advantages of using our services

Let’s talk about the benefits of our cut and ship plasterboard cutting service:

Less work – because we’ll cut and ship your plasterboard strips for you, you’ll only need to tell us what size you need the strips. The remaining work for you and your team will be significantly cut (no pun intended!), leaving you more time to get on with other tasks.

Faster installation – Cutting plasterboard can take a really long time if you have a lot of boards to go through. Even more so if you’re attaching the plasterboard to wall frames. If you work with our team, we’ll take away a lot of the tedious work that needs to be completed.

Reduced waste and safer working – As we’ve mentioned, plasterboard can produce a lot of waste when it’s being cut during construction. This waste comprises of a lot of dust and waste pieces of plasterboard that aren’t needed. By using a cut and ship plasterboard cutting service, you’ll severely reduce the amount of waste on your construction site, and you won’t be surrounded by dust that can cause health risks.

Cost-effective working – Plasterboard resizing can take a lot of time and effort, which means that your construction team will have to work more hours to get the basics done before they can actually start constructing anything. By using our plasterboard cutting service, you can reduce the hours of your project substantially and help your construction workers get a head start on their tasks.

The Advantages

Less Cutting

Faster Installation

Reduced Waste

Less Dust

More Money In Your Pocket

We Also Cut Coreboard, Fireline & Firecase Plasterboard & Plywood