Pre-Cut Deflection Head Strips

Pre-Cut Deflection Head Strips

Deflection Head Strips

2020 has already sent our plasterboard cutting service into overdrive.

Cutting plasterboard while dry lining on a construction site is becoming more and more difficult, with many sites requiring extraction to reduce the amount of dust.

Dry liners have 2 options when cut plasterboard deflection head strips on site,

1, Cut with a circular saw        2, Cut with a Stanley knife

Cutting plasterboard strips using power tools is a messy business and its not easy to get a good accurate cut every time. Cutting plasterboard with a knife is time-consuming and a good quality cut is almost impossible.

The clean and accurate cut creates perfect edges every time

Our pre-cut plasterboard deflection heads strips are proving to be a game-changer, with regular orders now being placed. Our strips are cut using the latest in saw technology, so strips are cut accurately to the desired size. The clean and accurate cut creates perfect edges every time so no time is wasted on site, trimming and neatening edges. This allows for quicker wall construction, less mess and minimal cutting.

We also offer head channel fixing, so strips are fixed to the metal head channel saving even more time on site.

We can cut any type of plasterboard to almost any size, our precision cutting equipment allows us to cut quickly & accurately. By the summer of 2020 we will be offering a next day delivery where possible across our cutting service range.

Plasterboard Strips

Plasterboard strips on pallet

We cut Fireline, Firecase & Coreboard as well as standard plasterboard.

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